The only platform to understand what the proposed Fifth National Mental Health Plan means for Australia’s mental health sector

Mental Health Reform & Innovation is an interactive conference gathering leaders from PHNs, Hospitals, Private practice and Not-for-profit organisations together to assess, evaluate, and implement potential reforms in the drafted Fifth National Mental Health Plan to meet the challenges of the future.
This conference has been specially designed for mental health professionals concerned with the current state of mental health to learn what the next step is for Australia with the proposed Fifth National Mental Health Plan:
  • Examine key policies, plans and initiatives that support the development of Australia’s mental health sector 
  • Understand the impact of mental health in Australia, and what must be done to meet the changing needs of the consumers 
  • Identify opportunities and overcome challenges involved in improving mental health outcomes and lightening the mental health burden in Australia
An unparalleled opportunity awaits all participants who are seeking to discuss how the proposed Fifth National Mental Health Plan can make a difference for the mental health sector in Australia.  
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Mental Health Reform & Innovation will serve as a platform for key stakeholders involved in the planning, funding and delivery of mental health services in Australia: 

  • Gain insights from the Australian Government on the way forward with the proposed Fifth National Mental Health Plan 
  • Outline key concerns from PHNs, carers and consumers in how mental health is delivered currently and how to move forward to further integrate the mental health sector
  • Evaluate the unique opportunities and challenges in mental health service delivery


Mental Health Reform & Innovation has been specially designed for Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Mental Health program officers who are involved in or have an interest in the public, private and community mental health sector in Australia:

  • PHNs, LHDs, HHSes
  • Managing Directors, C-Level Executives, Chairman, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers
  • Mental Health Services for adults and youth, Community services to support people living with mental illness
  • Community Services, Planning, Policy and Project
  • Not-for-Profits 

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